Jo Kadlecek grew up in Colorado on stories and sports. Once she realized she’d never make the Olympic women’s soccer team—because there wasn’t one in those days (1980s)—she became an English teacher, a bad soccer coach and a decent enough writer to get published in numerous newspapers and magazines, even authoring several books along the way. (She loves to tell people she played soccer for UNC, which usually impresses them until they learn it was the University of Northern Colorado in the days when the team was club, not varsity.) Anyway, for seven years she lived in New York City as a freelance writer before moving to New Jersey where it wasn’t nearly as glamorous to be a writer. In 2006, she moved to the North Shore of Boston where she taught writing and journalism for the next eight years at a small liberal arts college there. Jo and her husband live in Australia, where she writes, swims in an outside pool, walks her dog Clark Kent and never wears a coat.

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