Girlsfromtheback_presentVal & Jo are so grateful for all the feedback, kind words and super cool support they’ve received from so many amazing folks about the book!

And they’re equally grateful for YOU and whatever help you’d like to offer in getting the word out about When Girls Became Lions!  

 Here are some fun and creative ways you can help:
 1.) Like our Facebook page and use your other social media to get out the word. Be sure to include our website URL, each time.

2.) Tell your friends, colleagues, media contacts and, well, everyone in your world—parents, teachers, athletes, booster clubs, athletic directors, English professors, you name it—who you think might be interested in the story, after all, word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing! (Check out our Press Information here!)

3.) Consider purchasing a copy—or two or 15—as a gift (we’ve got cool options to consider). It’s not too soon to start planning for Christmas!

4.) Talk about the issues in the book, and/or use the novel in your book club. (Here’s a fun Q & A with the authors that might help you and other readers.)

5.) Write a review of the book on your blog or an online book store’s website so others can learn about WHEN GIRLS BECAME LIONS! Or submit a short review of the book to your local newspaper or as a letter to the editor and talk about how it could inspire local players, coaches and parents.


6.) Tell your story of Title IX, sport highlights, championship news, or other celebration stories of women in sports on our website or on our Facebook page.

7.) Take a picture of yourself (like our friend Natalie here) or your friends reading the book everywhere and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the rest of it. How fun is that?!

8.) Encourage your local library, your school library and every library you know of to purchase a copy of WHEN GIRLS BECAME LIONS!

9.) Donate a copy of WHEN GIRLS BECAME LIONS as a prize in your school, club or organization’s raffle!

10. Tell Oprah, Ellen and any other talk show host you know or like that they should invite Val and Jo on their show or at the very least, promote the book!

11. Organize a flash mob at local soccer games, sporting stores, college reunions, small businesses or shopping malls to “We Are The Champions” and pass out postcards of WHEN GIRLS BECAME LIONS! (Yes, we will gladly provide said postcards for you. Just contact us!)