CoverWhenGirlsBecameLions-198x300“Absolutely love this great read about women in sports.  Contemporary fiction with women athletes at the center of the narrative is long overdue. We need stories like When Girls Became Lions for the next generation of girls in sports. Authors Valerie Gin and Jo Kadlecek have given us such a story and a tremendous reason to hope for more novels like this.” —Julie Foudy, USA Soccer, ESPN

“Finally, a novel about the beautiful game and the girls who just wanted a chance to play the world’s most favorite sport.  Jo and Val penned a great story about the end results of many sacrifices and the true benefits of sport—fun, competition, purpose, perseverance, teamwork, friendships and the love of the game.” —Amanda Cromwell, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) 

 “As an AVID sports fan and voracious reader, I search for compelling stories that will both move my heart and have the potential to change the world.  I found those very things in When Girls Became Lions!  I laughed, cried, grew angry at injustice, and cheered with joy. I felt as though I was in the room the entire time.  This is not only a book about the champion spirit that lies within female athletes, but the athlete in general.

“Jo & Val have given the highest honor to the trailblazers of Title IX, to those of us who’ve been honored & blessed to wear an athletic uniform, and to athletes, coaches and parents of either gender that live out their passion by giving with all their heart. When Girls Became Lions brings about a triumph of the human spirit and resolve, and is now one of my favorite books of all time!!  I highly recommend it for both female and male athletes alike!”—Les Norman, former Jr. Olympic Gold Medalist, MLB outfielder, TV analyst, & syndicated sports radio host

“The joy and excitement of engaging in sports and/or competitive activities dates back to the beginning of time.  The opportunity to participate is more recent for women, and the passion is no less profound.  This novel, When Girls Became Lions, illustrates the emotion of sport as it chronicles the journey of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, coaches, school administrators and students during the transition from pre-Title IX expectations to 20th century possibilities.  You’ll be inspired by the story!” —Jean Driscoll, Eight-time winner of the Boston Marathon, U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame

“The story that too often goes missing in today’s athletic arena is that of the Title IX pioneers who made it possible for young women to compete on so many levels.  When Girls Became Lions fills that gap. Though the story might be contemporary fiction, its characters are real and their experiences true, reminding us of the many women who endured so much because they just wanted to play their game. This novel is a winner for all of us.”—Sue Semrau, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Florida State University, Athletic Coast Coach of the Year and President of the WBCA

When Girls Became Lions is an inspiring novel that wonderfully depicts the triumphs and struggles of women in sports in spite of the overwhelming odds against them. I am so pleased that the authors have woven such a narrative into the fabric of this little discussed issue in America  history.”—Dr. Brian Johnson, President, Tuskegee University

“I read a lot of fiction and am thrilled that Val and Jo have given us When Girls Became Lions, a story with women athletes at the heart. I’ve looked for a novel like this for a long time to provide a window into the world of women’s sports and Title IX’s implications, especially to inspire—and inform—our younger athletes. I can’t wait to give a copy to my players and friends!” —Jane Albright, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of Nevada   

“I’ve coached women’s college soccer for over a decade and have seen first-hand the growth and advancement in the world of women’s athletics. I am so thankful to the countless women and men who worked to bring equality and exposure for women in soccer over the years. When Girls Became Lions reminds us of the courage and joy of those pioneers, and helps us see how far our game has come in providing the opportunities that now exist for young women in soccer and in sports. For Val and Jo to bring us such a captivating story will not only be entertaining for soccer lovers, but will shine a light on the journey that brought the game so far. It’s an important story to tell and so fun and meaningful that it is told so well.”—Mike Friesen, Women’s Soccer Coach, San Diego State University

“Too often the  stories of early advocates championing the cause for sport equality aren’t told. That’s why a novel like When Girls Became Lions is so important: it tells one of those stories in a beautiful way.  Authors Valerie Gin and Jo Kadlecek provide today’s female athletes a glimpse into the lives of those brave souls who came before them and upon whose shoulders they stand.  May those of us who have the privilege of working with young people remember those women and men who struggled so that we may enjoy and celebrate the opportunities we have today. This is a great read for anyone involved in the development and leadership of girls and young women!” —Samantha K Huge,   Senior Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Texas A&M University


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